Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Samsung launch’s SE790C the 1st and highly advance curved monitor

SE790C features:

  • 3440 x 1440 ULTRA-WQHD Resolution
  • Four USB 3.0 ports 
  • Game Mode
  • Compatible to Mac and Windows OS

      Samsung Electronics Phil. Corp., once again bends convention, as it introduces the 1st and highly advanced curved monitor. The Samsung Curved Monitors delivering an enchanced immersive and comfortable viewing experience for multi-tasking and multi-media entertainment.
Alongside an optimized curved design, ultra-wide quad high definition (ULTRA-WQQHD) resolution and a superior contrast ratio. The new Samsung Curved Monitors offers enhanced productivity and entertainment functionally within a sophisticated and ergonomic design.

     “Samsung  has once again created another milestone for Filipino families in making their living innovative” – Ireen Catane, Samsung Elec. Phil Co. Enterprise Business Director. “With Samsung Curved Monitors immersive and comfortable viewing experience, consumers can now also enjoy watching TV while bonding with their families, And that’s what Samsung is also up for.”

Immersive and Comfortable viewing Experience

     The innovative 300R (curvature radius 3000mm) curvature design provides noticeably different viewing experience from traditional flat screen monitors and competitive curved monitors. Unlike Flat screen monitors where the viewing distance differs from the center of the screen to the edges. The screen edges of curved monitor more closely match the natural curve of a viewer’s eyes. As a result, Samsung Curved Monitors created a distortion-free viewing experience with less ete strain and enhanced comfort for viewer.

      An edge to edge curve also enables panoramic-like viewing, creating a wider and fuller field of view. The  monitor’s optimal curved design creates a 3D-like effect increases  when depth become larger or the viewing distance become closer.

Vibrant Picture Quality

     Multimedia content can be enjoyed with the finest picture quality, clarity and intensity it deserves, the Samsung Curved Monitor features a 21:9 aspect ratio and ULTRA-WQHD resolution of 3,440 x 1,440 pixels to deliver stunning picture quality.
Complemented by wide viewing angle, the monitor’s best in class static contrast ration of 3000:1 and 300 cd/m typical brightness result in dynamic lightning and shading for life like pictures.

Optimized for Productivity and Entertainment

      An array of features take multi tasking gaming and movie watching to the next level. The Samsung  Curved Monitors equipped with Picture by Picture (PbP) and Picture in Picture (PiP) 2.0 Functions for enhanced work efficiency. PbP allows users to easily connect 2 devices, such as Desktop, Laptop, Gaming Devices (Xbox, PlayStation etc.) or Set-Top Box (STB) and view both simultaneously on the monitor without compromising screen real-state.
PiP 2.0 enables multi-tasking  without the need of downscale content. The monitor also equipped with 3 USB 3.0 super charging ports to eliminate the need of docking station and maintain connectivity for all your devcies.

      Samsung Curved Monitors also offers a variety of entertainment-enhancing capabilities including a unique game mode, High-Quality stereo sound and fast responds time. Using Game Mode it intelligently detects changes in screens by correcting blurry images, enhancing colors and altering contrast for improve visibility of in-game action.

Premium Ergonomic Design

      Contracted from sophisticated metallic materials, the Samsung Curved Monitors is design with a clean and understated look that nothing distracts viewers from curved screen. The elegantly curved, T-Shaped, height-adjustable stand has clean back with hidden VESA bracket support work together to enhance the monitors sophisticated and ergonomic design to maximize  productivity and comfort.
Samsung Curved Monitor is available now available in all PC Express and Samsung Outlet at Php . They also have a 27 “ Curved monitor at 23,390php SRP.

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