Monday, May 18, 2015

Asus launched smartphones accesories for your daily use

Thing’s lauched in ZenFone 2 event that look very interesting for our daily use

     Aside from ZenFone 2 smartphones, AsusPH also launched some awesome accessories for your smartphones.

LolliFlash P495

     A small in size but big in use, a lollipop shape flashlight  called LolliFlash . It can last up to
LolliFlash is available in 5 colors (Black, White, Yellow, Red and Blue). LolliFlash is sold separately at P495 SRP.

ZenPower P795 (10,500mAh)

     Asus also came out powerbanks  called ZenPower. Powerbanks are indimand today as we need a On To Go source of power in our everyday activity. It has a 2.4A output that allows you to a ultra-fast charging of your smart devices.  It also provide double the expected lifespan of  competing devices with the help of JEITA Protection.

ZenPower’s stylish aluminum shell with 3 color variant Pink, Black and Silver.

  • ZenPower 10,500mAh P795 SRP
  • ZenPower 20,000mAh  Price TBA
  • ZenPower 25,000mAh  Price TBA

View Flip Cover P995

      ZenFone 2 View Flip Cover design for your ZenFone. Flip Cover is available in Red, Black, Gray and White color at P995 SRP.

ZenFlash P995

    ZenFlash can use as external Flash. It use/set by downloading the ZenFlash App on Google Play. 

      To learn more about the ZenFone2 and accessories. please visit ASUS Philippines Facebook Page

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