Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fifth’s omnidirectional experience with 1D using Lumia 930

     Pinoy fans almost always go crazy when their favorite foreign acts come to perform in Manila.

     Avid supporters of Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Harry were more than fired up and actually felt just how fast the night changes when they got confirmation that they included the Philippines to their world tour. 

     “That is the story of my life too” said Fifth Solomon who can relate to fellow big fans of the world famous band from the UK. The TV personality famous for his Pinoy Big Brother stint may not be like the other girls who skipped their school thesis work, cried when concert tickets were no longer available, nor camped out at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds just to be able to breathe the same air as their idols, but he knows how they feel. 

     “I totally understand the excitement because the opportunity to finally hear and see them in person is finally here. I would die if ever I missed it”, Fifth confessed. 

     He said, “this is a chance of a lifetime so I wanted to make sure that I brought the things I need for a perfect experience.” – a directioner-inspired outfit, water to hydrate himself, a power bank and his Lumia 930 to document it all.

     A lot of smartphones in the market have 1-D and flat audio, unlike the Lumia 930, which is capable of giving omnidirectional, life-like sounds with Dolby Digital 5.1 recording of its four microphones. Fifth said, “This is important especially if you are trying to capture the sound of your favorite singers.”

     Concert performances sound great and with its 20MP main camera, Lumia 930 photos and videos are also crisp and crystal clear. Great shots may also be extracted from your video clips and can be saved as photos using the Lumia Moments app, ready for posting on social media. 

     When he got to the venue, Fifth and his friend had so much fun singing along and dancing to the songs. He just couldn’t stop recording his experience with the light and easy to operate device. After the show, Fifth shared that “the concert images I took are so clear and very vivid. 

     The sound is crystal, as if watching the concert itself. I’m overjoyed.” Fifth also loved his Lumia’s Living Images, which captures a few seconds of the moment before a photograph is taken, making memories that last a lifetime even more alive.

     Although he was very near the stage and could almost touch his superstars, he felt that he wanted much more and couldn’t wait to see them again. When that day comes, however, his trusty Lumia will be there to seize that moment in time with his heroes.

     Lumia 930 is locally available in a range of colors including bright orange, black and white for only P26,990 (SRP)

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