Saturday, February 14, 2015

Intel gadgets buyers guide this love month

     Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so what better time to fall in love with a new life partner…a new personal device to suit your needs!

     There’s a host of tablets, laptops, 2 in 1s, and All-In-Ones (AIO) powered by Intel, fully charged and ready to meet you this year. This Valentine’s Day don’t compromise on a companion that doesn’t offer you the digital world you need. Instead, go out and find your perfect device.

    There are four types of technology partner you might look for when selecting your perfect life companion, and the type of devices you should consider based on these.

  • The Smart Partner
  • The Protective Partner 
  • The Energetic Partner
  • The Versatile Partner 

     Starting a relationship with new devices requires the same amount of forethought that you would give to a new ‘human relationship’, and there are a couple of key considerations you should keep in mind.

    Understanding why each of the following matters in your new technology partner, and how they fit into your lifestyle, will help you make the right purchasing decision in store.

Flexibility – No one partner is the same, with different styles, designs and personalities devices are no different. Make sure you pick a size that’s practical and suited to how you will use it. Consider screen size as well as how you will carry it.

Processor – We all know it’s what’s on the inside that really matters. More powerful processors allow for faster and smoother performance while less powerful processors will give you slightly slower response times.

Battery life - We all want a partner that is dependable and there when we need it most. Choose a device with longer battery life to ensure your technology partner never lets you down.

Storage - Keep your memories safe with a device offering ample storage space. Check out what’s built-in and if you need more, it is advisable to look for models that offer expandable storage such as micro-SD, micro-USB ports.
Features - We all want a partner that goes above and beyond to give us something new.

    Devices are becoming increasingly versatile – with unique features varying greatly across devices and therefore should be considered based on your usage requirements.

    Give these key considerations some thought when you visit your retailer, and even ask them to help you match the profile you’ve chosen to the device in store.

The Smart Partner

      Do you want a partner that truly understands you and can rapidly and intuitively respond to your natural movements? If so, a tablet, 2 in 1, laptop or AIO featuring an Intel® RealSense™ 3D camera may be the perfect device for you. Enabling new ways to interact in gaming, entertainment and content creation, devices with Intel RealSense technology combine visual data with motion-tracking software to create a touch-free interface that responds to hand, arm, and head movements as well as facial expressions.

     To make the most of Intel RealSense technology, you’re going to need a device that can be easily transported but which offers a decent screen size, and which offers ample storage enabling you to capture and store a range of visual content, while making the most of its traditional capabilities. Look to select a device powered by 4th generation Intel Core processors or Intel® Core M™ processors too so you can experience amazing battery life.

You might be interested in:

 ASUS N Series Laptops (N550 and N750 Models)
 Dell Venue 8 7000 Series Android™ Tablet

The Energetic Partner

      Is your device used to keep you entertained and active throughout the day, but yet you find yourself worrying about battery life? Perhaps you’re always on the move, travelling between meetings or playing the latest games on your daily commute and need your technology partner to keep up with you and your busy life.

     A portable, flexible and durable device with a superior battery life is just what you need. Lightning-fast tablets powered by Intel® Atom™ processors offer extraordinary battery life, and are the dream devices for those looking to take their new partner with them everywhere they go.

   Utilizing the multitasking capability enabled by a powerful Intel processor, you will experience fast response times, allowing you to load and switch among your favourite applications in a flash for enhanced productivity. If you’re planning to consume and produce content on the go, you’re going to need a device that can hold plenty of images, videos and games we’d suggest tablets with a minimum of 64GB storage as your first choice.

Devices you might be interested in:

 Lenovo Miix 2
 Acer Iconia A1-830
The Protective Partner

     If you’re looking for a partner who puts safety first and will protect those precious videos and photos, then storage and security need to be key considerations during the selection process.

    Making the most of built-in security features and ample storage space ensures the happy memories you’ve created will never be lost. This means that whatever device you choose – be it a 2 in 1, tablet, or AIO device security should be a key consideration in your selection. As part of an initiative aimed at making security a more integrated part of the consumer experience, Intel is working with McAfee to deliver its Mobile Security platform to iOS and Android devices at no extra cost. This means you won’t have to compromise between security and performance, making Intel-powered devices a great option for those prioritizing security in their selection process.

Devices you might be interested in:

 HP Envy x2
 Dell XPS 13 9333 Ultrabook™
The Versatile Partner

     Don’t clutter your life with devices you don’t need, or which aren’t ready when you need them most. Instead, with the range of form factors on the market today you can consolidate the devices you use on a daily basis to just one or two key ultra-responsive technology partners, enhancing the relationships you have with them.

     Intel Core M processor powered 2 in 1s with Windows 8 are optimized for mobility, enable users to seamlessly switch back and forth from productive tasks to immersive entertainment in a flash, and they also look great – coming in a wide choice of thin and stylish designs suitable for any occasion.

    Furthermore, 2 in 1s may offer amazing battery life, and more than enough storage space – look for devices with 128GB hard drives minimum – with the option to add more.

Devices you might be interested in:

 Samsung’s ATIV TAB 3
 ASUS Portable All in One PT2001

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