Thursday, December 18, 2014

Watch NBA live with Globe-NBA raffle Promo

        Globe-NBA raffle promo gives any Globe/Tattoo Prepaid, Globe/Tattoo Postpaid, TM, and/or Tattoo@Home customers a chance to win a trip to watch NBA All Star Event, Regular season games or even the Finals. NBA Premium Items can also be won.

Who can join the promo?

      This is open to all Globe/Tattoo Prepaid, Globe/Tattoo Postpaid, TM, and Tattoo@Home customers who have availed any featured Globe-NBA promo from December 1,2014 to March 15,2015.

Globe customers must avail any of the following participating products:

  • GoSURF promos 

                   for Globe/Tattoo Prepaid, Globe/Tattoo Postpaid and TM customers

  • GoSAKTO promos
                  for promos for Globe Prepaid customers

        Any featured Postpaid plans and/or tacks-oms for Globe Postpaid and Tattoo@Home customers and NBA League Passes through NBA50 or NBA299 for Globe/Tattoo Prepaid, Globe/Tattoo Postpaid and TM subscribers.


       For every purchase of any of the following participatig products and services from December 1,2014 to March 15,2015, a Globe/ Tattoo/TM subscriber may earn the corresponding number of raffle entries as show below:

          GoSURF is valid until Dec.31,2014 only. NBA PIN for GoSURF10, 15 and 30 is a sampler and can be redeemed for the entire period, regardless of the number of GS10/15/30 registrations.

          For Those who opted to create their own promo via GoSAKTO, one raffle entry is to be released for every P10 worth of GoSAKTO promo registered to. Total raffle entries may be rounded up.

         Ex. Customer register to GoSAKTO17 and gets 2 raffle entries (instead of usual 1 entry). Customers may be create their own Prepaid promo by dialing *143# and choosing GoSAKTO

         Customers may check on the status of their raffle entries by texting "NBA RAFFLE" and sending it to 2662.

Raffle entries are accummulated for the entire promo period.

How to Register:

  •  Globe Prepaid, TM and Tattoo Prepaid customers have to register to validate their entries for the raffle. It is a one-time provrdd and its FREE of charge. Only one name per mobile number is allowed, but customers may register his/her name using several mobile numbers.

  • Register must be done via SMS. To do this, Prepaid (Globe/TM/Tattoo) customers have  to enter the following information in correct forma and sequence as show below.

text NBA <Name>/<Address>/<Email>/<Age>/<Gender> to 2662.
a confirmation message will be sent to the customer acknowledging the registration.

  • Globe Postpaid, Tattoo Postpaid and Tattoo@Home costumers are automatically registered to the raffle, since Globe already possesses the required customer information.

  • All information sent will be  kept confidential and will be used solely for this promo.

To know more about Globe-NBA raffle promo, visit

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