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Globe #GEN3NextACT Act 3 featuring Feanne and ross capili

        Globe Telecom sets the bar high for store design and retail experience in the Philippines and in the world as it soon unveils the new Generation 3 Stores. These reimagine the digital lifestyles of Filipinos by focusing on the passions that matter most to them. To symbolize this lifestyle-store revolution, Globe is holding live painting to celebrate art and creativity. In the midst of this are seven of many local artists to watch. Here are why you should see their works at Globe Telecom’s Manila and Cagayan de Oro stores: 

     Leading the pack is Ross Capili, a seasoned artist who has worked with various media and evolving techniques over the decades. The multi-awarded artist is famed for mounting over 30 one-man art exhibits in Manila, Paris, and the U.S., some of which while serving as art director at the advertising department of a local airline company. Capili is the 2001 Pamana ng Lahi Awardee in the U.S.; won the 2008 Gold Pacific Asia Tourism (PATA) awards and conferred the Ani ng Dangal Presidential award in 2009.

      Designer, journalist and TV host Robert Alejandro takes multitalented to a whole new level. The public has encountered Alejandro’s talent in one way or another may it be through consuming a tub of ice cream or while shopping at a popular retail store. As a designer, he has a solid portfolio that encompasses product, packaging, interior design, and architecture. He also photographs, paints, sketches, and does just about everything. His capacity to tread along multiple disciplines of art and design can be seen from his works for notable brands in the commercial space.

       Considered Ross Capili's protégé, Rick Hernandez broke into the scene as a graphic artist for the former’s company. Under Capili, Hernandez was able to work with the county’s top artists including Bencab, Ramon Orlina, and Nap Jamir, among others. Hernandez shared that working with them inspired him to go beyond graphic design and pick up a brush and paint. With Capili’s mentoring, Hernandez evolved his art which garnered numerous awards in various forms of media and represented the Philippines in exhibits outside of the country. 

    Artist, designer, and singer Feanne epitomizes passion and purpose. Feanne believes in contributing to the environment, community, and the society and this is often expressed in everything she does, from drawing to painting, graphic design to jewelry design, and signing to songwriting. Feanne enjoys working on projects that focus on sustainability and social responsibility and is passionate about Filipino products, healthy food, fair trade, responsible technology, and social justice.

   Initially interested in becoming an Engineer, Jonathan Benitez left his course to pursue his passion for art after completing his first solo exhibit. The Puerto Princesa native is pure talent and resourcefulness, known for taking everyday objects and incorporating them in his creations to make up for lack of available materials. Benitez also takes topics such as economic turmoil, poverty, corruption, globalization, natural calamities, and environmental issues as inspiration for his work.  

     Truly a must see is the up and coming Rem San Pedro. While the youngest on the list, Rem San Pedro is hardly an amateur. He has participated in many exhibits since 2007 when he created a mural for Chinese artifacts at the Metropolitan Museum in Manila. His recent exhibits included Promised Land – a five-man show held at Galerie One Workshop. This year, San Pedro together with Hernandez will be part of the country’s delegation at the Langkawi Art Biennale 2014 in Malaysia.   

featured artist for the Globe  Gen3 Act 3

        Globe Telecom collaborates with these artists by allowing them to take part in their biggest retail transformation yet. Globe has commissioned these artists to turn a number of their stores into live art galleries that showcase murals exhibiting the vision the brand has for its upcoming “Generation 3” stores. Its stores in SM North EDSA and Limketkai Mall are currently being renovated in time for the unveiling of its “Generation 3” stores that promise a unique retail experience for its customers.

     Artworks have replaced the usual store board ups which continue to evolve with participating artists adding and drawing on the canvas each week. For weeks now, local artists have treated Globe customers, retail onlookers to live art performances at their stores in SM North EDSA in Manila and Limketkai Mall in Cagayan De Oro. Art enthusiasts and followers on social media have been able to keep tabs through #Gen3nextACT on Twitter and photos uploaded on Facebook since the art event began last September 25.  

      The new Generation 3 stores are designed by Tim Kobe, founder and CEO of Eight, Inc., and the mind behind the iconic Apple store in New York. On the future Globe Stores, Kobe says, “Globe is transforming the customer experience in the Philippines and it will send shock waves far beyond.” The Generation 3 stores will house interactive lifestyle pillars, featuring a plethora of products within interactive displays that make it more relevant for customers. The installations are designed to be reconfigurable, keeping the environment engaging and interesting—giving reasons for customers to keep coming back to the store. 

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