Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Size Matters The #InspiringSuccess with Globe

      Burger joints are anywhere, offering anything between the “buy 1, take 1” kind in any street corner, to the more intricately-made version that uses the more premium and tender meats. As a burger aficionado himself, up-and-coming restaurateur JR dela Paz was set to redefine the beef-based food fare everybody loved. So in 2010, he and his wife Marge set-up Size Matters, a casual restaurant specializing on their very own, one-of-a-kind sausage burgers.

      “We wanted to offer something new – not just different, but better for those who know and love a good burger prepared in a fast food setting. It’s actually a total dining experience, where they can enjoy our delicious offering, fast and convenient,” says dela Paz. Soon enough, the chain of Size Matters stores have steadily beefed up its presence across Metro Manila. With the recipe of success steadily stacked up in his favor, one important ingredient JR cannot discount in its daily servings to its growing clientele is his use of technology.

     “In the food business, it’s critical to communicate first and foremost to your people, so that we know that our operations are rolled out as planned. We also need to talk to our suppliers to get the freshest ingredients available. Most importantly, we get in touch with our customers out there, especially through social media, so we get a feel of how we are doing so far,” pointed out the young entrepreneur.

       He goes on by saying, “It’s a good thing I came across Globe myBusiness three years ago, which has been working closely with me to help grow my trade through their customized ICT portfolio, particularly their Globe myBusiness Internet. It has so far helped me all-around with my requirements to communicate to those most critical to Size Matters’ everyday existence – from business-to-business, to business-to-customers – with fiber-fast speeds and not to mention, cost efficiency.”

Dela Paz is raving about Size Matters’ Globe myBusiness fixed broadband package, which addresses his overall connectivity and communications requirements, becoming his essential tool as he expands his restaurants’ presence online. “It’s actually beyond the basic broadband for businesses, so I can do work stuff such as send and receive files from my office staff as well as partners, as well as be omnipresent online with the ‘Size Matters’ social media accounts. What’s also great about it is that it comes with what they call boosters like our landline which lets me reach a lot of Globe and TM subscribers who may be potential patrons for my place,” he added.

    “We have designed Globe myBusiness Internet to address specific needs of the communications-savvy entrepreneurs like JR in terms of work productivity and efficiencies. Knowing that they are very strategic when it comes to choosing and maximizing their investments in their operations, we are offering them this customizable internet service to drive their growth at cost-effective price points,” said Martha Sazon, Senior Vice President for Globe myBusiness.

     She explained that Globe myBusiness Internet packages like those subscribed to by Size Matters highlight value for money with plans for as low as P1,599 per month for a 5 Mbps connection, which can power basic online functions such as browsing, sending and downloading files, and web-based chatting, among others. They also have the option to choose among fixed broadband wired or wireless types such as DSL from 2 Mbps to 20 Mbps, or LTE for 2 to 15 Mbps. Their subscription comes with landline and a 4-port modem with Wi-Fi function. 

       “To increase the benefits of their plans, Globe myBusiness Internet plans come with a host of ‘boosters,’ like what JR mentioned, bannered by the landline bundle which enables unlimited calls to 40 million Globe and TM subscribers for free for the first 24 months if a customer signs up for a contract term for the same period of time,” Sazon added. She went further by saying that “for 2Mbps, 3 Mbps and 5 Mbps subscribers, usage boosts are available for up to 5 Mbps as low as P1,000 monthly, and static IP function ideal for closed-circuit TV (CCTV) service, start at a P699 monthly investment, with additional data lines available from 799 to 3699, depending on the business’ speed requirements.

         Dela Paz affirmed that Globe myBusiness Internet maximizes my subscription with its fast connections coupled with very affordable packages. This is a great deal for entrepreneurs like me who want access to customers online and through voice calls. Very much like our burgers which are beyond the ordinary, it is packed with features I actually use, such as our landline bundle on top of my base internet plan. Best of all, because it is customizable: I only pay and enjoy for the services which will satisfy our business needs. With this unbeatable proposition, more SMEs—myself as an example—can afford to do business online all the time.”

       Just like the sausage burgers he now has made popular, dela Paz said that the Globe myBusiness Internet catapulted his food establishment by enabling him to communicate with all stakeholders through the latest ICT offerings available to entrepreneurs like him: Globe myBusiness has been a key factor in the growth of my chain of restaurants. Thanks to its products and services such as its Internet packages, it drove the growth of our food business with the most reliable, stable and consistent broadband connection that gave me seamless access to the Web. Definitely for Size Matters, Globe myBusiness matters.”

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