Monday, September 22, 2014

    Kimtigo (Tigo) is a China-based leading semiconductor product brand, which enjoys worldwide popularity and reputationhas introduced the newest addition to its SSD series-the KTA-300M, the fastest solution for storage and transfer of files in its class. Featuring the ultimate balance of bandwidth and size, the KTA-300M is built for today’s high performance mobile and notebook platforms. It is ideal for users looking to upgrade to high performance and reliability. KTA-300M offers faster application load times, faster boot times, and increased durability compared to a traditional hard drive. It offers blazing-fast sequential reads of up to 514 MB/s for any file type. Upload, store and transfer HD videos, hi-resolution images and professional working software in mere seconds, thanks to the KTA-300M. Aimed for notebook users, it offers 10x more speed than other drives available in the market. No more lagging, slow upload and downloads of your important files.

     Built with advanced controller technology, high-speed MLC Nand flash and 32 MB built-in cache, the KTA-300M is engineered to deliver consistent and powerful SSD performance gains for SATA 6GB/s systems. It enables not only a stable and ultra-speed of transmission, but also delivers a strong durability and reliability. The KTA-300M is also an extremely cost-effective SSD drive, it comes equipped with a SATA III 6GB/s and also can be backwards compatible with SATA II interface at 3GB/s.

     It offers a massive storage capacity available from 60GB to 960GB, and offers maximum read and write speed at 512 MB/s and 179 MB/s respectively. Despite its sturdy and durable exterior, the KTA-300M is a slim and lightweight portable SSD drive (7g) and is portable enough, so you can easily slip it in your pocket or just throw it in your backpack or purse. Added shockproof and anti-vibration features enable it to withstand unlimited usage without the risk of heating up or interrupting the performance of your notebook. It consumes very low power while operating requiring minimum power whilst offering outstanding and efficient performance and promoting longer battery life. It operates quietly and smoothly for a noise-free working environment, ideal when used in class or business meetings. It is designed in a smooth black covering with the Kimtigo logo proudly displayed on its cover.

     KTA-300M supports Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista™/ 7, Mac OS 9.0 & Linux Kernel 2.4 and above. It is extremely convenient to use in any portable devices, like notebooks, tablets etc. Kimtigo adheres to strict safety standards. It is certified by CE/FC/VCI/EMS/Cross bin/ RoHS and is backed with Kimtigo’s lifetime warranty to ensure the consumer receives the best of our products and services.

     The KTA-300M is the ideal selection to future-proof your storage needs for your next purchase.

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