Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Aorus Gamers dream tour


      AORUS is offering a customer rewarding program for all AORUS laptop owners. With each purchase of AORUS gaming laptop, buyers can unlock a chance to win a dream tour to California, USA. The package, scheduled between Nov 6th and Nov 9th, includes round-trip flight, supercar pickup, luxurious stay, a private cruise through the skyline, and more exceptional experiences throughout the entire tour. The AORUS team hopes the premium journey brings the winner of the event the top-tier treatment other customers could only dream of.

       This contest is open to anyone who owns any AORUS laptop(s), including X7, X7 v2, X3, and X3 Plus.  Before Sep 25th, owners will be invited to demonstrate how influential he or she is as a gamer and unique existence among their peer. The AORUS team will select five finalists to enter a poll and the candidate receiving the highest number of vote will be the lucky one, winning the unparalleled package including a private flight above the sky. “Combining all the superb elements together for an ultimate experience has always been what AORUS tries to deliver to our customers.” said AORUS Director of Sales and Marketing Vincent Liu.
       The organizer hopes this event could unleash the wildest imaginations among the valued AORUS owners and also discover the most influential member to be the luckiest gamer. For more details, please visit the official event page <

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