Monday, August 4, 2014

Fitness Fanatics Rave About SensorCore

      A lot of gadgets today are equipped with sensors that measure your steps and your calories. However, despite the global increase in the usage of health apps, not all of them offer a more holistic approach to health and fitness.

   Fitness buffs, CJ Jaravata and Jared Dillinger, recently met up to experience the SensorCore technology which comes in a range of Lumia devices.

    SensorCore is an internal low-powered chip that, with clever software, records many of your daily activities, without an inordinate drain on battery. It is a real-time hardware sensor that can be used to store your movements, such as walking, running, or being idle, and make it available to apps like Bing Health & Fitness – even while the phone is ‘asleep’ in your pocket.

   Two fitness fanatics tried out the technology by strapping on the Lumia 630 Dual Sim. After going through a series of running and other exercises at Powered with the new Windows Phone 8.1 OS and loaded with the Health & Fitness app, the  in Taguig City, they were Fitness First Gym both impressed with the technology and the app. The smartphone functioned not only as a pedometer, but also a calorie, step, and GPS tracker; a medical symptom checker; and a source for fun work out videos and insightful health and fitness articles.

   Dillinger, who is a professional basketball player in PBA shared, “This thing is so unique. I really noticed that it counts not only your steps or your calories; it has a GPS tracker where it can show you where you travelled and worked out.”

   CJ Jaravata, actress and winner of Amazing Race Philippines enthused over how different it was compared to other phones. “It’s really amazing. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen one.” She was surprised too that it even had a diet tracker, and added, “Sometimes you worry about what you eat but with this, you just have to go check your phone. I can also ask questions about what I’m feeling, symptoms and whatnot.”

   The 6’5” basketball star also commented on the device’s general approach to wellbeing. “These days, based on trends in health and fitness and overall well being, I think it empowers you when you’ve got a gadget like this that can encompass everything about health and fitness into your daily lives.” He added,

    Everything is just a click away. It makes you more confident knowing that you can get all the information you need. Some people are intimidated to go to the gym because they do not know what to do so Jaravata, who is also a familiar face in TV commercials, pointed out another benefit of having SensorCore. “It’s expensive to pay for a personal trainer and most of the time, they’re all fully booked; but having the Lumia 630, there’s actually a guide on certain workouts and it guides you step by step. It’s fantastic!”

   With SensorCore and a range of health apps available at the Windows Phone Apps+Games Store, your health and fitness goals become a little easier to reach – it would be like having your personal trainer, nutritionist, and doctor all in one device.

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