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       A lot of companies in the Philippines, whether small/ medium businesses or enterprise-level organizations, are set to achieve new standards of ease and productivity as wireless communications and radio frequency (RF) technology expert EnGenius Networks Singapore Pte. Ltd. brings its global capabilities to the Philippine market.

     Established in Singapore since 1993, with regional headquarters in Taiwan, EnGenius has since come to be known worldwide for powerful enterprise networking and wireless management solutions that deliver reliable, class-leading performance and coverage under the most challenging environments.

   The Wireless Management Solution: The Neutron Series, a complete and scalable enterprise-level wireless controller solution
     Tech-enabled business organizations across the enterprise sector are poised to benefit significantly from EnGenius’ award-winning Neutron Series of wireless management products. The EnGenius Wireless Management Solution is a complete and scalable solution for operations looking to deploy, monitor, and manage numerous access points (AP) from one simple and accessible browser-based platform. It provides centralized management capabilities and it’s quick and easy to set up. There’s no need for an IT expert since it’s easy to install and configure via its intuitive Web interface.
     In a market saturated with costly enterprise-level wireless management platforms that come with recurring subscription or licensing costs, the EnGenius Wireless Management Solution brings a breath of fresh air – and high levels of cost efficiency – to IT executives and managers. This comprehensive and high-performance wireless management solution combines an enterprise-class wireless controller and Layer 2 Managed switches and PoE (Power over Ethernet) as power source for up to several hundreds of indoor and outdoor managed wireless access points.
     This enterprise-level network solution is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, ideal for hotels and resorts, schools and universities, corporate campuses, sports stadiums, and other types of enterprise-size organizations with limited IT budgets, but otherwise delivers compelling value by presenting a unique combination of range, reliability, and versatility.

The EnGenius Wireless Management Solution: Designed for High-Density Wi-Fi
The EnGenus Wireless Management Solution is perfectly suited for areas that require powerful wireless connections such as auditoriums, stadiums, lecture theaters and conference rooms. Among its enterprise class features include Load Balancing Management such as traffic shaping and client limitation, where the IT admin can manage and control traffic efficiency and number of devices connected to each access point, and Bandwidth Control Management for instance band steering to relieve congestion and overcrowding on the mainstream 2.4GHz frequency wireless network by pushing the client to connect to the less congested 5GHz network.
Combined together, the Neutron Series of PoE+ Layer2 managed switches and access points work seamlessly, with auto AP discovery capabilities that allow every managed access point to be immediately discoverable on the network – regardless of whether the scope of access points is in a single building or over multiple buildings and outdoor spaces.
In addition to the network management features, the graphical web interface is also designed to give network administrators and managers the visibility needed to monitor, manage, and adjust the settings or performance of their network. A quick glance at the interface provides essential information, such as real-time usage reports, historical client connectivity to each access point, and reports on traffic flow and load over wired and wireless portions of the network.
Not only does the Neutron Series showcase EnGenius’ ability to deliver state-of-the-art performance and rock-solid reliability; it also represents a unique opportunity for SMBs and enterprise-level organizations in the Philippines to invest in a powerful enterprise networking and wireless management platform that reduces – instead of adds up to – their operational expenses. Its competitive price point gives the EnGenius Neutron Series a compelling advantage over rivals, without compromising performance or requiring additional license costs.

The EnGenius Wireless Management Series includes:
a) Wireless Management Switches
  • EWS5912FP 8-Port Gigabit PoE+ L2 Wireless Management Switch with 2 GbE Ports and 2 Dual-Speed SFP; 130w (802.3af/at, Int. Power), manage up to 20 units of access points.
  • EWS7928P 24-Port Gigabit PoE+ L2 Wireless Management Switch with 4 Dual-Speed SFP; 185w (802.3af/at, Int. Power), manage up to 50 units of access points.
  • EWS7928FP 24-Port Gigabit PoE+ L2 Wireless Management Switch with 4 Dual-Speed SFP; 370w (802.3af/at, Int. Power), manage up to 50 units of access points.
  • EWS7952FP 48-Port Gigabit PoE+ L2 Wireless Management Switch with 4 Dual-Speed SFP; 740w (802.3at/af Int. Power), manage up to 50 units of access points.
b) Wireless Management Access Points
  • EWS210AP Wireless-N 300Mbps Indoor Managed Access Point
  • EWS310AP Wireless-N 300Mbps+300Mbps Indoor Dual Concurrent Managed Access Point
  • EWS320AP Wireless-N 450Mbps+450Mbps Indoor Dual Concurrent Managed Access Point
  • EWS360AP Wireless N450Mbps+AC1300Mbps Indoor Dual Concurrent Managed Access Point
  • EWS660AP Wireless N450Mbps+AC1300Mbps Outdoor Dual Concurrent Managed Access Point
  • EWS860AP Wireless N450Mbps+AC1300Mbps Outdoor Dual Concurrent Managed Access Point
c) Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Navigator for Wireless Management Solution The browser-based of PC utility software that centrally control and manage large scale of wireless management devices for multiple locations at anytime and anywhere.

     EnGenius established since 1993 in Singapore, EnGenius Networks Singapore Pte. Ltd. is expert in wireless communications and radio frequency (RF) technology, delivering feature-rich, long-range wireless communications technology for voice and data. The versatility and performance of the company's solutions lower total cost of ownership, increase productivity, and maximize return on investment.
     EnGenius’ wired and indoor and outdoor wireless networking solutions for business deliver long-range connectivity, robust feature sets, and versatility for class-leading performance at affordable price points.
      EnGenius’ wireless networking solutions for the home provide families with fast, long-range, reliable connectivity for computers, home entertainment, and mobile devices, resulting in expanded options for accessing and sharing video, music, and other content throughout the home and even away from home.

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