Saturday, August 23, 2014

Compact and Flexible Apacer Combo SDIMM foe Enterprise demand


   Traditional PC providers are targeting the upcoming vast wave of replacement of enterprises equipment caused by termination of Window XP system update service. Besides, a new generation of Internet of Things, cloud-based services and Smart Automation are booming and growing. These have created a great demand for terminal devices, along with the ever-increasing applications. Given the trend of compactness, it is very important that memory module features both simplicity and flexibility, as the storage devices designed for more and more system service resources and for the purpose of thinner hardware appearance.

         Apacer, the leading professional manufacturer of memory modules, presented Combo SDIMM in Computex this year. The product derives from an innovative concept and underlines its innovative R&D design that integrates SSD (Solid State Drive) and DRAM on the DRAM Module, adding a new storage choice for principal customers of embedded industrial computer providers. It takes up less motherboard space occupied by storage devices and memory modules. Users can expand SSD storage capacity anytime. Currently Apacer has launched two SSD options, including M.2 NGFF and CFast memory card, both supporting SATA 3.0 (6Gb/s) interface. It is a great breakthrough in storage device field.

       With respect to the two SSD options, M.2 NGFF modular SSD is the next-generation SSD interface standard that Intel develops for tablet PC, Ultrabook and Thin Client. Its full name is “M.2 NGFF(Next Generation Form Factor)”. Its single-side thickness is 2.75mm and it’s free of mechanism interference. Currently, there are three models of M.2 NGFF applicable to Combo SDIMM, including 2242/2260/2280, for customers to choose based on their demands. Among the three, the largest capacity of 2280 is up to 256GB. Besides, CFast memory card conforms to CFast 2.0 specifications, and boasts a capacity of up to 128GB. Its capacity can be changed as necessary, demonstrating user-friendliness and flexibility.

      In addition, as the Combo SDIMM memory module adopts standard DDR3 interface and standard 240-pin design, it is ready-to-use once external SATA signal cable is connected, without replacing the motherboard. What’s more, it takes advantage of the VLP DIMM short circuit PCB design (0.738 inch in height) of DRAM module DIMM to increase the board height. It also provides M.2 or CFast slot, without connecting any external SSD power, which will reduce the power connection. The product features superior physical properties such as shock resistance, low noise and low power consumption that greatly enhance product reliability, and it is applicable to various embedded devices.

    With more than ten years of experiences in the SSD market, Apacer is the world-leading industrial SSD supplier and one of the few Taiwanese manufacturers that ranked among the top ten memory module manufacturers with software, hardware and firmware R&D capacities. Apacer has launched a number of pioneering products ahead of its industrial peers. Our products have 100% gone through rigorous environment tests (extended temperature and high/low pressure testing for longer periods of time) and motherboard test. Currently they have passed each international OEM vendor’s strict tests for ensured compatibility and stability when used in embedded systems.

    This Combo SDIMM product is now available to all customers for evaluations and testing now. For more details, please feel free to contact local Apacer sales representatives.

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