Tuesday, August 26, 2014

CloudFone introduce CloudPad 800w

        A fast-rising star in the telecommunications industry in the Philippines, CloudFone is a company that is recognized for introducing many great innovations in the technology market. Revolutionizing the technological scene, CloudFone takes pride in their innovative products such as the CloudFone Excite 450q, which was launched as the most affordable quad-core, the CloudFone Thrill 430x which holds up to three times more battery power than the average smartphone, the CloudFone Thrill 400qx that features unique interchangeable batteries and back covers to suit users’ diverse lifestyle, and the list goes on.
These amazing innovations do not seem to go unnoticed as the company has appeared to catch the eye of the country’s most well-known and trusted brands, resulting in wonderful partnerships for the telecommunications company. These partnerships include trusted companies, such as ABS-CBN and Globe Telecom. As the company meets the New Year, it opens it with a blast, introducing a new partnership with another big name in the industry: Intel.

       Intel has long been known to be the one of the world’s largest and highest-valued semiconductor chipmakers. Having that blue and white “Intel inside” logo is not just a symbol of the authenticity of a device, but an assurance of the quality and reliability that product offers. As Intel ventures into tablets, it partners up with CloudFone to give you the first local Intel-powered tablet: the CloudPad 800w.
Built for modern workspaces, the CloudPad 800w takes the sharp capabilities of a mobile device and the strength of a PC. Powered by an Intel® Atom™ Z2580 2.0 Ghz processor, the device boasts unbridled stamina to enable continuous use of web and installed applications while saving energy. The newest addition to CloudFone’s mobile portfolio also becomes a cost-effective solution to multitasking needs with connectivity and compatibility features amplified by Intel’s solid processing power.

         This tablet surely packs a punch with the amazing specs and features it houses.Capturing moments, documenting memories, and staying connected are a delight with its 5MP rear camera along with a 2MP Front Camera.Managing activities and switching from one app to another is also not a problem as this tablet runs on the latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean software, a 1 GB worth of RAM, and a powerful 2.0 GHz Dual Core Intel processor. With its WiFi capability, the CloudPad 800w enables its users to stay connected as they enjoy endless browsing, gaming, and chatting on its beautiful and responsive 7.85” XGA touchscreen. All the photos, music, videos, games, and apps are also not a worry as the CloudPad 800w offers a generous internal memory of 32GB, allowing more room for storage. Inside and outside, the CloudPad 800w is the embodiment of the line, “Great Tablets Have Intel Inside.”
At Php 8,999, this tablet will no doubt be a product to watch out for. The CloudPad 800w is a step towards progress, and just a glimpse of what’s yet to come as CloudFone and Intel continue on the path of producing truly great tablets. With more beautiful partnerships, CloudFone will continue to captivate their consumers and partners alike with innovations like no other. It’s no doubt that the country’s leading brands trust CloudFone, and surely, they’re trusted for a reason.

       “We continue to see a growing local market for Intel-powered tablets & phones that not only extend a great computing experience but also stunning graphics, increased responsiveness, and great battery life. Our exciting new partnership with CloudFone will bring a new wave of devices that extend these performance abilities to the reaches of the broader Philippines customer base and even organizations who value mobility and functionality at mid-price levels,” said Intel Philippines Country Manager Calum Chisholm.
2013 has been a year full of technological advancements and discoveries for everyone, and with CloudFone stepping up the game with stronger allies, 2014 looks to be even more promising.

The CloudPad 800w is now available in all CloudFone stores and kiosks nationwide.

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