Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Logitech G430 Headset

   Logitech has become an icon in the gaming peripheral industry with their G-series line of keyboards, mice, and headsets. The company recently overhauled the G-series by giving it a new look, as well as announcing a slew of new gaming accessories to add to the line. We ended up checking out their new G430 headset 

   Logitech’s G430 headset comes in a rather colorful black-and-bright blue color scheme, which says right away that it has a lot of character. Looks is everything with gaming peripherals, and Logitech certainly didn’t make an ugly headset here. The G430 comes with cloth-covered foam ear pads that can be removed and replaced if they ever get worn out, or for just a quick wash if they ever get dirty. The foam is pretty stiff, and along with the snug fit of the headset, some gamers may find the headset discomforting after prolonged periods, as did I after about just a half hour of use.

   G430 can rotate to fit better on your head, as well as making storage easier for when you’re off to your next game play. The quality of the sound produced by the G430, i were impressed.In-game audio sounded terrific, especially when playing first-person shooters where the many explosions produced excellent bass.

      It also has a mic and headset to USB converter for those who doesn't have working speaker or mic port. You can easily connect and enjoy the sounds while playing games or listening music.

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