Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Linking knowledge and technology with huawei

     Huawei delivering next generation online learning and student self-service is critical to ability to deliver exceptional services and academic outcomes while holding steady or deducing cost. Aims to start a revolutionall over  the Universities/Colleges here in Metro Manila. Huawei talks about how to implement on every educational establishments to adopt connectivity strategies and solutions that will scale far into the future to meet student expectations and online learning requirements without undermining fiscal sustainability.

   Speakers from huawei and different colleges and universities join this wonderful and meaningful event.

Ms. Leticia Catris from Phil. Normal University

Ms. Sue Bryant

Michael Mei

    Huawei highlight their newest products for the enterprise company like office and schools. Smart to be future trend of university information from 1998 Connected to Digital at 2006, Integrated by 2009 and Smart by 2012 up to now.

   Having a IP Surveilance in your university/college is a good investment not only in school properties but also the student.

eSpace IPC2811-WD-Z20

These are the advatages of  IP Surveilance:

  • High Resolution
  • Easy to Install
  • Truly Digital
  • Camera Inteligence
  • Fully Integrated
  • Built-in security
  • Crystal-clear motion
  • Easy to scale
  • Lower total cost
  • New posibilities

HUAWEI All-in-One HD Videoconferencing System

   an all-in-one HD videoconferencing system with unique voice dialing and Wi-Fi access,
and enables more people to join a multipoint conference. Its compact appearance and simplified installation make it an ideal choice for small- and medium-sized conference rooms.

3-in-1 design: codec, camera, microphone
• H.264 HP 780p 25/30fps(Optional), dual 780p
• Patented SEC 3.0 + H.264 SVC: tolerates 20% packet loss
• Voice dialing; 6-meter sound collection
• IPV6/IPV4,Wi-Fi access, up to 4 Mbps/s

You can control the videoconference camera using this remote.

Sample of the video using HUAWEI All-in-One HD Videoconferencing System

   This are the winner's of Huawei enterprise seminar, winner's of  Brand New Huawei pocket wifi and Ascend G6.

   Huawei’s Agile Campus Network Solution is a next-generation network solution that leverages the latest ideas and research into Software-Defined Networking (SDN). By providing features such as full programmability, quality awareness, and smooth evolution, the Huawei Agile Campus Network Solution enables networks to provide responsive and flexible services.

  To quickly adapt to the challenges created by new services and address problems on existing networks, today's network architecture must be transformed. Rapid developments of such new services as mobile applications, cloud computing, Big Data, social networking, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are driving network administrators to impose ever-higher requirements on real-time performance, mobility, scalability, and high-quality experience guarantees.

Traditional networks are no longer able to accommodate these requirements because they focus on technologies, devices, and connectivity. Today, that is not enough.

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