Saturday, July 12, 2014

EMC-Pivotal conducts the inaugural Application Development Class

    EMC-Pivotal held its first Application Development Class in the country this June 2014. The key purpose is to bring the “next-generation enterprise computing platform” to leading companies in the country.

    Pivotal is a start-up at the intersection of big dataPlatform-as-a-Service, and agile development, whose mission is to help companies transform into great software companies. Pivotal is jointly owned by EMC, VMware and GE.

    The one-day session featured three speakers who are recognized experts in the fields of Big and Real-time Data (Steve Illingworth, Pivotal), Agile Application Development and PaaS (Wang Yi, Pivotal), and Application Delivery Management  (Darrell Tan, EMC). Attended by 34 participants from the telecommunications, mobile commerce and utilities industries, the participants were showcased and presented with modern technologies that would enable companies the ability to develop, deploy and scale applications in minutes rather than weeks as currently done.

    The class format was a combination of presentation and hands-on activities conducted by the three speakers. The focus of the presentation was for the participants to understand the technology while the hands-on activities were to give them a first hand practical experience so that they can better appreciate the solution and effectively apply it in their respective companies.

    The key areas presented and showcased are in Big & Real time data combined with agile application development. These are the very same ingredients that enable companies like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Visa and Verizon to be highly successful as the strength of their business is directly linked to the software they run. The presentations and highly interactive discussions bring valuable insights to the participants on how the solutions can potentially create new value to their respective organizations.

    Host and moderator Robin Fong, Pivotal Sales Director for Thailand and Philippines noted that the success of the class was due mainly to the participants’ passion and hunger to learn new leading edge technology. The enthusiasm, energy level and teamwork were highly visible throughout the session. He added that there is a great potential and future ahead for the Philippines to adopt leading edge technologies like Pivotal due to the availability in the country of qualified resources in the areas of application development and information technology.

    The participants themselves confirmed this optimism as they expressed appreciation and excitement for the knowledge and experience gained during the class and the potential the solutions can bring, both for their companies and their personal lives.

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