Sunday, June 15, 2014

Notice if your Samsung phone is FAKE or NOT

TIPS: For Buying Original Samsung Phones.

if your going to buy Samsung phones whether brand new or 2nd hand, you must know to see if its fake/vlone or not. Dont be a victim, Here's are some tips how to notice the difference.
1. you can know your phone is orig by installing Genuine Galaxy.
2. Must have samsung account. Like s3, s4, s5,Note 2 and Note 3 almost all of New model of samsung  android phone have add account. 
Go to settings > add account > samsung account. if dont have samsung account 100% fake.
3. Odin mode. phone must be turn off.
Then press Volume Down + Home + Power all together. there will be warning on phone, it means the phone is legit.
Hope it Helps 

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