Thursday, June 26, 2014

Free 2 Power Pops when you buy at PC WORX

   PCWorx the leading I.T. store with branches nationwide - is giving away 2 bars of Lemon Square Power Pops.

   Lemon Square Power Pops are made from all-natural popped rice, it’s a nutritious cereal snack that’s both crispy and chewy. Power Pops flavors include: Champorado, Milky Caramel with Cookie Bits, and Peanut Caramel with Bottom Chocolate Coating.

     PCWorx sells variety of computer related products and accessories. Personally, I am amazed that they are just a few (if not the only one) store who has the latest models of IT products with affordable prices.

   I visited one of the PC WORX branches, i go to SM Megamall to see how will customer react about the promo.

Here are some of the happy customer with their FREE Power Pops from Lemon Square and PC WORX.

   To know more abaout PCWorx's products, latest promos, and branches visit their social media and website at

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