Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Make your Designs Come to Life with 3D Printing Technology
CIM Technologies Inc., the country’s pioneer in providing technology solutions for design and innovation together with the market leader in the 3D Printing Industry, 3D Systems Corporation introduces the 3D Printing Technology which has become the newest trend in the market today.
Professionals from different industries such as aerospace, architecture, toys, fashion and arts, medical, education, automotive, electrical and consumer products are already using this technology in printing accurate designs and quality product models by building the prototype in layer-by-layer manner.
3D Printers have different capabilities when it comes to details depending on your needs. May it be a conceptual or a functional scale model, full color or monochrome, plastic or powder plaster material, there is a 3D Printer that fits your needs.
ProJet® Professional 3D Printer is one which is mostly used by multinational companies. If you want to print your design in full color using powder plaster composites or plastic material with fine details ProJet
® is the right 3D Printer for you. And if you want to print your design while you are in the office, school or even in your own home you can use Cube
TM Personal 3D Printers.
® and CubeX
TM can be used as simple as plug and play. Using a plastic filament your design can be printed in 16 different colors. Cube
® and CubeX
® can print as big as 5.5”x 5.5”x 5.5” while CubeX
TM can print as big as 10.8” x 10.45” x 9.5”. CubeXTM can print one color but there is CubeX
TM Duo that can print up to two colors and CubeX
TM Trio that can print your design up to three colors.You can also do post processing. You can paint it to your desired color and refine it to make it look more attractive. You can go beyond what your creativity dictates you. Turn your designs into reality with 3D printers made available to you by CIM Technologies.
CIM Technologies Inc. is in partnership with the world-leading IT companies namely: Autodesk, Siemens, Microsoft, Oracle, 3D Systems, HP and Apple. With its commitment to share the knowledge of technology, CIM conducts a series of events nationwide like campus tours, workshops, seminars and tradeshows to showcase the integrated solutions for design and innovation catered to the architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing industries.
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