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How to be a responsible gamer with DigiPlus.

  DigiPlus Interactive Corp. (DigiPlus), operator of the leading digital gaming platforms BingoPlus, ArenaPlus, and PeryaGame.

  DigiPlus, sounds the call for responsible gaming practices even as it invites its adult customers to partake in DigiPlus’ exciting brand of recreation. As the fastest-growing digital entertainment group in the country, DigiPlus may offer nonstop fun and games but when money is in the mix, it espouses a certain level of self-control for the most positive gaming experience possible.

“Responsible gaming,” according to the Association of Certified Gaming Compliance Specialists (ACGCS), is “the practice of gambling in a way that minimizes the potential negative effects that it can have on individuals and society.”

  Andy Tsui, President of DigiPlus, affirms this, stating that responsible gaming is a key tenet of their business. “DigiPlus works to ensure that the necessary and vital regulations PAGCOR sets for gaming companies in the Philippines are strictly observed,” he says. However, Tsui likewise hopes that DigiPlus customers would practice responsible gaming on their own to derive the most fun and enjoyment from their games.”

  There are a number of ways for enthusiasts to maintain a healthy and positive relationship with gaming. Consider these tips based on advice given by the Responsible Gaming Council (RGC):

Set limits. When gaming, it’s important to set limits on two things: budget and time. Before you start playing, keep a firm budget in mind. Never play with money you can’t afford to lose, and do not ever borrow money from others to play.

  Meanwhile, deciding on a clear-cut time and schedule for your gaming sessions will keep you from spiraling into overindulgence. Set an alarm to tell you when your gaming session is over. Playing within your means will prevent gaming from taking over your daily life.

Only play with a clear mind. Be sure to monitor your mental and physical states before starting a gaming session. Do not engage in gambling when feeling upset or stressed as these may cloud your judgment and deter you from making sound decisions. At the same time, do limit alcohol intake while playing. Stay sober and level-headed at all times.

  Lastly, taking frequent breaks may help, too. Step away from the gaming table or phone, and feel free to indulge in some physical activity before coming back to play.

  Do not ‘chase’ your losses. Always get into each gaming session prepared to lose the money that you’re putting in. Games featured at DigiPlus locations and on the BingoPlus, ArenaPlus, and PeryaGames apps are predicated on chance, which means there’s never any guarantee of a return on your payments.

  Avoid the “sunken cost syndrome” of trying to get a positive outcome because one has put too much resources into one effort. Stick to your budget and be ready at any time to cut your losses and move on.

  Andy Tsui is optimistic that customers that take these tips seriously are assured of a positively pleasurable gaming experience. “DigiPlus endeavors to strictly implement PAGCOR-approved regulations and guidelines as customers use our gaming facilities,” he states. “This way we are confident that we can create safe spaces for them to have fun and enjoyment at all times.”

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