Monday, December 18, 2023

Komo wins big at the 2023 International Finance Awards.

  Komo by EastWest Bank has been awarded the prestigious Most Innovative Smart Banking Services Provider for Digital Banking in the Philippines at the International Finance Awards for 2023. The digital bank, Komo, was one of the first full digital banking services to launch during the pandemic with the goal to provide easy, affordable and convenient financial access to Filipinos. Komo’s win reaffirms their dedication to giving Filipinos a cutting-edge, practical, and economical online banking experience. Komo provides accessibility to its growing number of users, including first time bankers with features including interest rates of up to 6%, connectivity with affordable transfers and with new services that promote financial flexibility.

Convenience and accessibility at its finest

  Komo’s drive for innovation grows day by day in today’s fast-paced world. Understanding how crucial convenience, accessibility and affordability is to users, Komo’s key features easily put them ahead of everyone else in digital banking. Its user-friendly mobile app lets you easily setup an account and access your finances anytime, anywhere. Transfer funds, pay bills and savings opportunities are available in just a few taps. Komo’s financial inclusion also continues with credit options, with services to include loans already on the way. Applying for loans are also more convenient with Komo as users can apply for loans using the app in less than 10 minutes. Traditional bankers that are making the switch to digital will find themselves transitioning easily with Komo offering free physical withdrawals using your Komo Visa Debit card at any EastWest Bank ATMs and up to 4 times free withdrawals in any BancNet ATM.

Enjoy ease and affordability with Komo!

  Digital banking is more affordable with Komo with no minimum deposit and maintaining balance features, and offering one of the cheapest fund transfer fees at only PHP 8 per transfer via InstaPay. Komo users can say goodbye to hidden sky-high fees and say hello to transparency and minimal fees that allow you to keep more of what you earn. Looking to save up for a rainy day? Komo offers a standard 2.5% interest rate per annum on your savings so you can reach your financial goals faster. And speaking of financial goals, Komo also empowers YOU to take control of your finances with features including financial calculators and educational resources to help you make informed financial decisions.

Now a trusted brand in Digital Banking

  Komo Finance is the ideal solution for Filipinos wanting a more convenient, economical, and secure method to manage their finances. Backed by an established financial institution, EastWest Bank and recognized by a reputable and international banking organization, Komo’s accolade is a testament to their continued commitment to provide the best possible banking services to Filipinos.

  Living up to its commitment, Kontrol Mo Pera Mo, So, say goodbye to excessive fees, low interest rates, and long queues and open your own Komo account now in just five minutes by visiting

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