Thursday, November 26, 2020

A must have household appliances during Typhoon season.

Beko Washing Machine Gizmo Manila

  During this challenging times, we certainly need to keep ourselves clean and virus free. When we go out and return home, we need to disinfect as well as wash our clothes right away to eliminate virus and bacteria. And with the recent typhoon we experience, a lot of areas has been flooded, houses has been destroyed and clothes has been dirty and unwashed. During typhoon season, a clean and dry clothes is everyone must have to keep as warm. That's why every household must have a reliable laundry appliances. So if you're wanting to buy a washing machine, you might choose the right one.

  Good thing! Beko, a freestanding home appliance brand, offering their new Freestanding Washing Machines - BTU8086W Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine (8 kg) and WCV6511B0 6kg Washing Machine. Beko BTU8086W Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine with washing capacity of 8kg measuring at 102.4 cm in height, 64cm in width and 67cm in depth so you can wash more laundry on a single spin cycle.

  The washer features fuzzy control which checks for the extent of dirt and grease, the amount of soap and water to add, direction of spin, and other conditions. The machine rebalances washing load to ensure correct spinning. Has 6 programmes to quickly set your washer to safely and efficiently process your laundry. Safety features includes Automatic Water Adjustment, Unbalanced Load Control, and Overflow Safety. With Child Lock, your washer will be fine if your children will try to play with your washing machine. Laundry need not be a chore and Beko BTU8086W Washer will help you save time as well as keep you clean promoting healthy lifestyle in today new normal.

  If you want a more advance washing machine then might check Beko WCV6511B0 6kg Washing Machine, great choice for any home measuring at 84 x 60 x 49 cm with a load capacity of 6kg that can wash your laundry at fast and efficient way with spin speed of 1000 rpm. Set the time that you want your washing machine to finish your wash with It comes with time delay 3 Levels (3h / 6h / 9h). With 15 washing programmes so you can readily wash different kinds of material at different temperature making sure it takes care of your clothes, sensitive materials and fabrics. Wash a full load of laundry in just 28 minutes, at 30°C with Daily Express Programme, making sure you have time for fun and bonding with your family. OptiSense Technology determines garment needs and triggers optimal washing conditions from controlled water temperature and motor speed, to proper rinsing and safe operation in power fluctuations. Features LED Display for controls and monitoring washing conditions. Unbalanced Load Control makes sure your washer is fit to work at optimal performance. The WCV6511B0 Washing Machine surely be a great addition to home, making things easier for you during this difficult time.

 As they say prevention is better than cure, Beko Washing Machines will help you get through during this pandemic. Live a healthy life style safe and clear from bacteria and viruses while your clothes and garments are clean.

  Beko Washing machines offer good performance and quality for the Filipino consumers. Beko BTU8086W Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine (8 kg) and WCV6511B0 6kg Washing Machine is priced for 13,290 Pesos and 19,990 Pesos respectively. You can order via online channels:
  • Lazada Philippines
  • AllHome
  You can purchase Beko Washing Machine at

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